Public Administration

The Board of Directors is the highest administrative body who's responsible to the General Assembly of shareholders in conformity with the Statute of the Company and the relevant laws and regulations.

The main tasks and functions of the Board are:

  • To formulate and adopt the strategic guidelines and the key objectives of the Company.
  • To devise and monitor internal control procedures and risk management ensuring their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To approve the main budget and financial policies.
  • To monitor and control the performance of the company, executive management and its committees.
  • To develop the policies that regulate the relationship with stakeholders and protects their rights, which includes the development and adoption of policies that assure and guarantee the application and implementation of the formal rules and regulations, and commitment towards the disclosure of essential information about the company and its future prospects.

Board members:

1 - Dr. Saeed bin Saeed bin Obeid - Chairman of the Board of Directors

2 - Mr. Saud bin Suleiman Al-Juhni - Deputy Chairman (Public Foundation for Retirement)

3 - Mr. Tariq bin Khalid Al-Ankari - Member 

4 - Mr. Omar bin Abdul Aziz Al-Shatri - Member

5 - Mr. Suliman bin Saleh Al-Sarraf - Member

6 - Mr. Abdul Aziz bin Saleh Al-Shatri - Member

7 - Eng. Riad bin Mohammed Al-Nasser - Member

8- Eng. Ali bin Mahmiha Al-Asmari - Director General