Consumer Awareness Program

Message to Our Client

Dear Tabuk Cement Company client,

Thank you for your engagement with our company. We stress our permanent and continuous keenness to satisfy our consumers in various aspects of service by developing our products of all kinds of cement and to maintain the highest quality to meet the requirements of local and international standards.

It is our constant concern to constantly develop our products and improve their quality. We are pleased to inform you that we regularly check our products of cement in the laboratories of the company, which was equipped with the latest checking and testing devices.

(We enclose photos of the latest laboratory equipment, which provided to us by our Corporate Bodies to ensure the quality, long-standing experience and advanced knowledge in the cement industry).

As a result of our continuous endeavor to develop the production process, maintain the quality of the product and satisfy our customers, we have obtained the highest international certificates of quality and quality assurance, including Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization and ISO 9001: 20089001 certificates and we are glad to attach a copy of each certificate.

We are always at your service and ready to answer all your questions and inquiries to verify and guarantee the quality of the products or materials used in your concrete mixing.